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[CS:GO] de_Iris


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Ran through, very cool map! I like the visual theme a lot.  Cool self boost into middle construction/diner, boosts in general actually. Teamplay will shine! Also love how Heaven in Bombsite B strength is kept in check with easy smoke lineups and peeks from T side's windows. 👍👌

Additional feedback:

Screenshot1: I brought the big guns and tried to destroy it but the electrical sound could still be heard across all map, it's driving me nuts! 😛 Seems the soundscape was triggered when I jumped into the vents, otherwise it wasn't emitting any noise.


Screenshot2: Another issue with soundscapes in storage roomde_iris0005.jpg.73d23ea7ccee3b949daf64bb5f913e84.jpg

Screenshot3: This illustrate my biggest complaint for Iris. I was expecting to be able to jump on those crates and run across the fences delimiting the bombsite. I know this breaks your bombsite design but Maybe fences aren't the solution? I think this could be executed better, removing the ambiguity of whether you can jump on the fence or not, and in this case, prevent some frustration caused by invisible walls.


Screenshot4: Can't hide in that corner although we should be able to (visually)

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So I recently played a match of de_iris on the Mapcore NA hub. I think I've got some feedback.

The first question you might have is am I really qualified to give really critical feedback since I only played one match on the map. And I think normally the answer would be no. However in this case, Iris is one of the first community maps I've ever played a full match on that made me not want to play another match on it. And I'll tell you why.

I've left feedback in the medium of Imgur album, so here you go: https://imgur.com/a/jyOuyxf

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