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[CS:GO] de_Iris

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2 hours ago, blackdog said:

#latetotheparty but like I said on Twitter, this is great. This is what I had in mind when I previously said it would be cool to have more "COD" (stylized) maps.

It would be even cooler if Valve did thematic operations, like imagine to replace the player models with police from the 30s for example, versus a mafia family group :D
Also having historic weapons would be fun for a change... at least, that's my opinion.

I don't know about changing the weapons (even if they're just remodels). At this point they don't need to change this aspect. I think it would be cool to get new player models though, as they did create new ones for dust and mirage. 

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Heyo, I found out about this map a few weeks ago and I really like the layout. My friends usually don't play custom maps so I couldn't test as much as I initially wanted.

Just wondering if I'm supposed to rename my map now though, which would be kinda sad since I really like the name tbh 😕 

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