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Otto (CS:GO, wingman)

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Hi all!

I just finished the first version of the layout of my new wingman map, which is my first "proper" defuse map ever for CS:GO. I tried to keep the layout as simple as possible while still being interesting enough to play. I've also used lots of ramps (and even a ladder) to add some depth to the gameplay. Here is a (Metal Gear Solid-style) overview of the map:


I haven't got a name for the map yet, for now I just called it Otto. Here is a link to the workshop page, and here is an album with some screenshots. Below is one of those screenshots to show the general stage of development the map is currently in.


The reason I'm posting this is because I'd love to hear your feedback! Right now, it hasn't been tested yet with real people, all I know is that the timings are kind of okay...

Please do tell me what you think if you decide to download the map.


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I've updated the map! Reddit user u/rqAUOpiulukjhg (great name) pointed out, among other things, that the Outside area (the main T route into the bombsite; on the right-hand side on the overview) was... "wasted space". He's right, I realised, so I shifted the CT spawn closer to the bombsite, so that they can get to Outside before Terrorists come pooring in. I've actually redesigned the whole of CT spawn to give it more "character", and to make it less open. Below is a before/after comparison between version 1 en version 2.


Again, please tell me what you think! I really want to be confident about the layout before I get onto detailing the map.

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