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I realize im going to need a laptop for college next year, but i have no idea whats hot these days. What kind of stuff do you guys have, and what are the good brands out there right now? what i mainly need is for it to be light and for the battery to run a long time. gaming is unimportant. im looking between $1000 and $1500 US if not less.

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Well don't hit me for saying this BUT you could/should (if you ask me) go with 14-inch iBook costs about 1500$ or the smaller ones if you don't want to spend that much. You get state of the art machinery and state-of-the-fucking-art OS Mac OS 10.4 TIGERRRR! Plus you get so much software to go that you'll choke.

Besides PCs are accident prone.


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I did 3 months of research on laptops before i bought mine. My requirements were:

under $1500, must have a independant graphics card for 3d games and 3d apps to run well so at least a 64mb video card. battery must last longer than 3 hours.

I picked up a gateway 7405 GX from best buy for $1200, 2 ghz Athlon 64 with 64 mb radeon card, 512 ram and I successfully played UT2004 for 5 hours on the plane to GDC. It has built-n wireless, sound and have a wide screen display :D I always thought gateway made mediocre computers,but im very happy with my purchase :D

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gateway eh? my parents comptuer is a gateway and my first one was also, they are nice enough... maybe ill go to best buy and look. the sony thinkpads seem nice and small, but i need to be able to do 3d modeling on em too so i guess it has to be kind of fast

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