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Prixun is my 2nd map.

Info written back then(where english I was not exactly fluent in english...):

A few of the pics are from some of the older betas, but there should be nothing or very little changes in theese areas.. The pictures are compressed to make the site fast. It means that the map is not as ugly as it looks here.

Remember also that the cool thing about my map is that there is a lot of things you cant see. Not all things are what they look like. All teleportes are invisble.

The map is IN NO WAY meant to be realistic. The map is meant to be cool, crazy and fun to play.

It is made so it not get boring after some hours, even though that it is easy to learn the basic layout. Lots of new things to discover. There are LOTS of secrets. Most of the things that you can see, can do something cool. All of the things you cant see do something cool.

It does also run very smooth on older computers, because of low r_speeds(=high fps)(w_poly max 500). It has a low texture usage(2.5 mb)(runs well even with an old gfx card)

Only one file to mess around with, no other irritating files than the bsp. Easy to install.

There are both big and small areas. There are both light and dark areas.

There are more than 110 sounds, 26 sprites, 44 teleport destinations and 60 teleporters.

Visuals is nothing, gameplay is everything. :)






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LOL, love how you said performance is great since there is low w_poly, then throw dozen gman models in to bump up that epoly needlessly :D And that matrix poster texture onto the ground... a mastertouch!

Thoose gman models are only visible at a maximum of 10 secs per time the map is played. They come of when you break a hidden(keyword for Prixun)wall. I am not trying to apologize or explain this piece of shit though:D

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Sorry for bump, couldn't resist.

I am not trying to apologize or explain this piece of shit though

Then why in the name of everything Holy did you post it here (along with an abundance of poor quality, badly designed and generally retarded maps), are we supposed to love the fact you are dredging the forum with crap?

Or is it just for your post count?

Your logic sickens me.

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