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I'm trying few ideas I have had in my head for a long time, my sandbox Kosmov.net is in need of a new logo since I got it to myself last weekend (meaning my friends who had a part ownership on it, gave it to me).

So what I'm after here is some contemporary look, and I like overdoing things when I'm doing thins for Kosmov since it started as a parody and will continue it's life as one.

But onward to the issue, say what you think about it and try to be constructive.


The colors are obviously not final I'm finetuning the colors atm.

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Yeah I was afraid that it might seem like VD but it didn't look that "hot" with the straight line, made it look too tight and boxy, so I gave it some freedom to breath with that extra curve.

Yeah the colors really tickle my spine, the originals look good, but they are in CMYK values and it notches everything step or two lighter when brought to Photoshop and RBG so they look too bright.

I'm considering that I might make the line with another color so that it separates the text and the "border".

The old Logo had the .net added but I think this might be just Kosmov since I'm going to use it as my trademark for other designs than just Kosmov.net

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The white background is not part of the logo, it is backgroundless in it's current state, if used in same color background then the other color version or the version with background is used.

So the colors are not a problem right now.

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