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A friend of mine posted this site to IRC and I've been hooked on it since. The concept behind this site run by a few college students, is to make 50 to 100 games before the semester is over.

Each game has to meet a specific criteria as well. It has to be built within 7 days. Only one person can work on the game, this means he must do the programming, art, concept, etc all by himself. Each game must also use a different "toy" as they call it, such as gravity, vegetation, behaviours, etc. This combination of criteria makes for some interesting results.

Also included with many of the games is a "postmortem", which is a retrospective of the experiment. Detailing what went wrong and right along with concept art and other information about how they went about building it.

Overall most of the games are addicting as hell and I'd advise anyone wanting to educate themselves on gameplay concepts to check out this site and possibly try this method as an exercise to learn.

Experimental Gameplay Project

Enjoy folks :D

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