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Looking for: Level Designer – Competitive/eSports/FPS Multiplayer Map

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Looking for:  A level designer with experience in creating small to medium sized multiplayer map.

Designer requirement: *Must* have a portfolio & one released map (Any FPS). Needs to be passionate about level design & have played Modern Warfare 2 + Black Ops 2 extensively will be incredibly helpful (Understanding the characteristics of the map if that makes sense).

3D modelling/whiteboxing experience in any 3D program (Maya, Max, Blender, etc).

Engine: We’re building a custom game (FPS) in Unreal Engine 4, it does help to know the engine but we are open to work with someone who can create levels in 3D (We’ll implement the level into engine ourselves if this is the case).

Main requirement: To create a whitebox level design for our FPS that preserves some of the characteristics we’ve experienced in the past in Mw2 & Bo2.

To further document & visually express how the map will work, spawn points, line of sights, etc. for game modes such as FFA, TDM, S&D.

Map’s goal is to feel good to play for both casual gameplay as well as competitive gaming (eSports, live-casting, etc).

Map must be a maximum of 2 storeys high, nothing too complicated (layout) & further details of this can be discussed privately.

Competitive play/gaming: We want to build this map in alignment with eSports/Competitive gaming where viewers will find this map fun to watch. This could be achieved by having choke points, areas to allow players to hide & suddenly meet during intense moments, etc. We would need your expertise as you would have a more well-rounded idea.

Sniping: Sniping/quickscoping is a crucial element in creating this map, the layout must have clear areas to sniper other players from a respectable distance & not incredibly across the other map unless the player is also risking his position to be seen by others. E.g. Players sniping in the middle of the map would be exposed to attacks from multiple angles, however, if the player is skilful- he will be able to scope & shoot multiple players from the opposite team/FFA very quickly.

Trickshotting: The level must consist of areas to trickshot, these are generally higher areas in the map where people can jump off a platform, window or even something a little lower such as a truck/stack of crates. They are for those who like to spin in the air & leave their bullet to chance in hitting another player across the map/through a wall/over a fair distance for a “kill-cam.”

Contact: Contact me through Discord: JP#5508 or email ([email protected]) with your portfolio. Prices will be discussed privately via call at an agreed time.

Misc/Extra: If you have worked on a map privately which you would like to use as a base for the task/would like to outright sell, we are open to a further discussion on the matter.

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