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[CS:GO] - De_Seed - Final release

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Final release!

-Bug fixes
-Feedback work
-Visual improvements
-Small gameplay changes
-New minimap


If there is an error or a bug, I would be glad to hear about it!


Click here for my Steam Workshop page.


More screenshots

Known issues:

  • It does not support multicore-rendering! Turn that off in the graphic setting or you might end up in disappointment. (It might work for some folks out there but my experience is that it crashes the map randomply in the first minutes of gameplay. I don't know who to blame for that...)

Special thanks to:

- Str0nk
- Squinky™


from the steam workshop.

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Honestly I wouldn't say it looks too bad, just that I've seen the blend textures used a lot before and that kind of takes me out of it.

Generally I'd say the displacement work is really impressive, especially this shot here:


I'll have to give it a run-through later, it's definitely an neat take on a defuse map but it does give me that sort of cs:s vibe

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

Yeah, textures are not up to date but I made them pretty consistent throuout the map so it might be a style question.

I have put down some information on how to build such a map if anyone is interrested.

First I started laying out my map with a 16 bit heightmap texture which I then transformed into displacement patches using DispGen .



Next I worked on them in hammer for my desired look, small/big changes here and there until the map finally reached a state like this in the overview (note the square patches which form the displacement surfaces):

Now one thing is a bit tricky to figure out and you might need it for building holes. If you want a hole in your map, select the patch where the hole should be in and cut from the 4 corners to the desired hole you want in your map ( Out of one patch you make 4 and a hole) - Looks like this:cutting-holes.jpg.f85ccae0f2bf666f915fc0f5f7201a6f.jpg

Have fun!

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I like what you did with the displacement generator, you gave me new ideas ;)

I couldn't help myself and i had imported your heightmap to cryengine 5.4 after resizing it to 256 to approximately match the map size in csgo 




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