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[CS:GO] De_PointBlank


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Hi Everyone,

This is my first Hammer map*, also my first CSGO map aaaand therefore my first Source map in general, so I'm a little late to the party but heyyy it's nice to be here at last.

So far I've spent about 7 or 8 days on it over 4 weeks. Roughly ~ 80 - 100 hours I'd say? I spent a lot of time playing bomb defusal and learning all the mechanics before jumping in of course. And watching some online matches to see what hacks players can exploit in the engine, and trying to design with all that in mind. It's actually a lot fun!


*I've dabbled, but never made a full map


So, what is de_pointblank?

The story is a terrorist/rebel group are infiltrating a weapons development facility hidden in the mountains with the goal of destroying either the weapons cache (A) or the giant satellite dish (B)

It's called pointblank as I was aiming to frequently funnel players into fairly close crossfire scenarios in enclosed spaces.

There are three main paths. Either through the HQ, or the mid-lane via the waterway, or through the server room which links A and B on the upper level. 


Here's a general diagram and overview of the initial layout:


EDIT... I added a hallway between 'Turbine' and B
and Turbine is just a courtyard now, really

Amended layout in-editor, first greybox pass...



Some early wip shots...

 Bombsite B









Bombsite A



And so far this week I've been learning a *lot* about lighting and prop placements and the difference between static props and dynamic props, so on and so on. 
I'll finish by just attaching some of the latest images. 

Aiming to have the map done asap! Want it in my portfolio ;)









PS: I think I'm not enjoying the fog. It's hard to get it right and might be better off totally without!

I'm open to feedback, C&C! I'm learning a *lot* as I go along, so forgive me of any rookie errors haha. (But also please point them out. I need to know how to improve!)

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Thank you both! Yes, I'm yet to learn how to increase the brightness of the outdoor areas 'in shade' sections, seeing as I don't fully understand how the engine's global illumination is calculated. I'm thinking my plan of action might just be a few carefully placed standard lights to boost brightness without losing the distinction between sunlight and shadow.

And DRZ thank you, I'm now looking more critically at the brush work and the areas I would love to be lazy about and leave be, haha, but now planning ways I can break it up/ detail it/ shape it better into something more pleasing to the eye :)

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A couple more photos of the 'vista', as I spent tonight working on the foreground and background. Yet to make it blend seamlessely but I'll get there~ 

(Also still figuring out the best settings for nice shadows on props! They're being so difficult)




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      It took about 8 months to complete and was a great learning experience for me. 



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