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[Source 2] De_dust 2

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Hi friends, after a long break I want to share with you my dream project de_dust 2 on the Source 2 ( in my style with hand-painted textures).

For about 2 years I wanted to do this, I had 3 failed attempts. But now, finally, I already have a lot of experience, for quite a long time there is a development (few months) and this time I'm sure that I will get everything out soon!

I swear to God, that I will finish completing the level from start to finish,  this is more a matter of honor.

As a tradition, I will download every day and WIP screenshot, and you will be able to watch on progress with me!


2016 - 2017 - Here is my old failed Source 2 - De_dust 2 maps:




2017 - 2018


2018 - Present





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WIP - 18.02.2018

I forgot to upload yesterday's screenshots, weekends and I still work) I hope that a beautiful spring will begin with the completion of my dust map!



Here you can see original (default) and custom texture for the curbs:



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Well, today is March, I'm not rushing so what we have now it's 100% created curbs, and fixed faces and edges for special texture you can see the differences on the screenshots :)



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This is pretty insane imo. I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Dota 2 and CS:GO, now you're telling me I can play both at the same time. Aight xD Good luck with this project!

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Thanks guys,  somewhere geometry is ported + edited and somewhere re-created,

some facts:

you can easealy (x4 faster than in the Source 1 Hammer) make your own as I do, in this case no sence to make another bicycle. Anyway I plan to make 1st map in the Source 2

you can port any  geometry from a vmap to source 2 hammer

sadly this is not 100% coppy of the dust_2, some parts of the level were changed due to isometric view for example scale of objects, hidden parts etc., but also we have some pluses from top-dawn camera, for example we can see roofs, and other top parts

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