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Vlad Plotnikov

VP Production - Music, Sound Design, Voice Over

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Hello, mates!

My name is Vlad Plotnikov and I'm the leading composer, sound designer and founder of VP PRODUCTION company.

Our sound-design studio offers complex sound solutions: from music composing, creating of sound effects and voiceovers to mixing, mastering and integration of audio content.


For 2 years of our team's work, we've completed more than 30 projects. Among them: City Battle: Virtual Earth, Haydee, Cut The Rope, Pinqlee, Forest Song, Mouse Trap, Look Right Quest, Critical Shot, Planetbase, Startup Village, Woodman, Wildcraft, WeeSee, In the Sea and others.


We will provide a high-quality and thoughtful approach to your project, help you to convey its idea through sound-design and create an emotional binding for your potential users.

For us, music is a form of expressing emotions, the atmosphere and the essence of the project. And for you - it's more than 50% of its success!


VP Production company is a friend of their clients. We believe that adequate and honest communication is a guarantee of a strong partnership, that's why people stay with us for a long time. If your views are similar to ours, then we are already sharing the same vibes. 

Our partners and clients: Herocraft, Snap Inc., PiBox, Vertigo Games, 4Enjoy, UDTech, Capable Bits (Readdle), Mouse Trap, Innovecs, Turbo Rocket Games, Worlax.Graphics and others.


Do not hesitate to ask us about anything you want to know. We always find compromises for any developer!



► Music Composing

► Sound Effects creating

► Mixing

► Mastering

► Editing

► Voice Over

► Integration (FMOD/Wwise)


Official website with full portfolio, reviews and information: http://vp-production.com/


Get in Touch:

[email protected]

Skype: vlad.plotnikov1

FB: https://www.facebook.com/vpsoundprod

Telegram: @vldpltnkv


The Best Works here:


Edited by Vlad Plotnikov

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