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[HL1DM]Cillit_Bang (Oldskool Contest Entry)


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Hello again, my newest finished project HLDM Cillit_Bang is my entry to the ThW Oldskool HLDM Mappack.

Before dissapointment will occur while watching the screens remember:

-Wpoly Limit of 500 !!! in the contest

-Only HL Standard Content was allowed

-At least it`s HL1

DL (ca.800Kb): Here

This mappack`s focus was clearly on the gameplay.Optical aspect didn`t matter.So i gonna tell a few things about the gameplay:

Map is designed after the "always walk" principle which means that there are no ending points.There is a main centered 2 layered arena, whose 2 stages are connected by 2 ways. Those 2 ways provide ammo, health and the strongest weapons, so they work as a rescue from the arena and a restock place.

Only small gameplay flowbreaker is the airstrike room.The airstrike room is accessable from 2 sides and the airstrike will happen 40 seconds after the button got activated, so there is enough time for you to kill the original activator and rescue yourself.Map is designed for about 4-8 players.For more information, check the Layout at the bottom.











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