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A NEW HOPE: Will2k's Dying Light Single-player campaign [WIP]

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3 hours ago, Radu said:


My plan was to release in end May-early June and as the saying goes "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face"

I had a series of unfortunate and unforeseen setbacks that inevitably delayed the above plan of release.

My mother is going to have surgery by the end of this month and this is a priority (family comes first :)) with all the pre-surgery appointments and taking her to the doctor and whatnot.

Next, I found a new and better way to implement my NPC dialogues and player monologues so i had to re-adjust and re-write considerable chunks of dialogs and the corresponding quest script lines.

To add to this, Techland patched the game in early June which in turn screwed the developer tools; the map started crashing at loading screen and couldn't work on it for a week :(

Finally, E3 happened and everyone, developer Techland and the active player base, has their eyes on Dying Light 2. Any content for DL1 will probably go unnoticed so we will wait a bit until DL2 hype sets down a  notch :D

The map is 95% done and under active development, so that is reassuring after all the above setbacks.

Thanks everyone for the continuous support and for sticking around for this long, I hope it will be worth it in the end :)

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Another 2 months hiatus, but justified :)

As I mentioned in my last post above back in June, my mother had her knee surgery in July. I've been by her side for over a month now as she slowly re-adapts to the simple task of walking, through intensive and painful physical therapy and rehabilitation.

All level design activities were basically on hold for all of July and a considerable part of August. I resumed work by mid-August, at full speed to cover the last remaining 5% of this project. I also went back to earlier parts of this campaign that were designed in late 2017-early 2018, and did a visual overhaul as well as scripts/quests cleanup to bring them to the level of the later parts of 2018 and 2019.

But wait, there's more :-D. I also added 2 new side quests and a player challenge on top of the already existing 5 quests.

Some interesting facts and features:

- More than 1100 lines of quest script
- 400+ lines of dialogue and player monologue with custom dialogue audio
- Custom original storyline that ties into the main game and its expansion
- Proper rewards for each quest (XP, cash, items, weapons...)
- Vast open world, free to explore
- Plenty of areas to explore and loot, with secrets, easter eggs, crafting blueprints, weapons...
- Scripted NPCs to interact and chat with
- Boss fights

The campaign is mostly done, I'm putting the final touches and doing some tweaks/polish before the public release, which will be announced soon on this page. Stay tuned.

Here's a 5 min short video showcasing random gameplay in the newer parts of the campaign (the actual map is twice the size of what is shown in the video). No quests, special events/fights, or spoilers are shown in the video so people will get the full experience, spoiler-free, when they download and play the campaign.

Thanks to everyone who offered feedback, cheers, and general support during the almost 2-year lifespan of this massive project; truly appreciate it.


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Scripted NPCs gameplay/dialogue

Another short video (5 min) before public release.

The video showcases scripted NPCs going about their various daily activities in the survivor hub called "The Sanctuary". The video also shows some NPC dialogues, and how NPC activities change during the day, and when transitioning to evening, then night.

Someone is a mechanic, others are farmers and tool makers; some folks stand guard to protect the safehouse while some lazy asses just sleep or play guitar all day long :-D. Many kids are also playing games under the watchful eyes of the guards.

Many NPCs switch between activities that change as the day progresses (1:45 in the video). In the late afternoon/early evening, most stop their activities to catch some rest while others play cards and hit the bottle :) (2:28 in video)

Finally, at night, most go to sleep while a few remain alert to guard the place (3:35 in video)

As usual, the video is spoiler-free with no critical tasks or quests shown; the small dialogue shown in the video is also not affecting the quests or storyline.


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