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Level Up Audio - Music/SFX for Games

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Hello game developers!

- My name is Andrew, and I am a freelance Music Composer and Sound Designer for games and other media. I have 6+ years of experience in game audio, and have worked on over 70 game titles, mostly indie, mobile, casino, casual, and social games. I am happy to work with developers of all shapes and sizes!

- Check out my website here: https://level-up-audio.com/

- Check out my Music Demo Reel here: https://youtu.be/7D58nDfcKxo?t=2m39s

- Check out my Sound Design Demo Reel for a RPG I am working on here: https://youtu.be/BBCZ1Bw-uOg?t=1m29s

- Check out my SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/level-up-audio-1/sets/andrews-orchestral-portfolio

- Services: Music and Sound Design for gameplay, cutscenes, trailers, and other marketing materials.

- Music Styles: I cover any genre of music, including orchestral, electronic, world/international, historical, acoustic, rock/metal, retro-game music, and anything in between.

- Sound Assets: I can produce immersive soundscapes, appealing UI sounds, seamless ambient loops, vibrant ‘win’ sounds, realistic or futuristic gun sounds, melee combat sounds, any any other type of sound asset that you need for your game.

- My Rate for Sound Effects is $5 per Sound Asset, with free re-iterations within reason.

- My Rates for Music varies depending on the project.

- For a quick estimate on your project, contact me using this form: https://level-up-audio.com/contact

- Thank you for your time, and take care!

- Andrew Kim

- Music Composer and Sound Designer at Level Up Audio

- https://level-up-audio.com/

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