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Tobi Weiss

Tobi Weiss - Composer

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My name ist tobi weiss and i've been composing for films, trailers and games for  5 years now. 
Right now i'm looking for new and exciting game projects. 

I primarily enjoy creating orchestral & maybe slightly hybrid music - but fortunately i was able to get a lot of experiences in a big spectrum of musical genres by working for a lot of people with different wishes.  You're welcome to read more about me and my music at my website . 
I got a link to my showreel on my website. There you are able to see some work i did for short movies, corporate stuff, theatre and games. You also get a big playlist of independant Tracks i composed.

All the tracks in the upper area of the showreel + every track on the soundcloud playlist are independant work. So if you like the Idea of one of those tracks it's possible to use a motiv or the theme of the track as a base for your music.
But of course i'm also looking forward to compose something from scratch based on your ideas. 
Tobi Weiss


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