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[CS:GO] de_Alexandra

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  • 4 months later...

today i updated my map, namely i made a little bit fancier radar (thanks to Yanzl's radargen.sbsar) and minor bug fixes(dark props that occured after a csgo update, clipping bugs, etc.).



and this was the old version that was refurbished last year


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I watched both videos, but havent checked it out ingame so maybe I say stupid stuff. 

The new design is hella nice! Great improvement there and overall lookimg good. A bombsite seems pretty interesting. B bombsite feels way too complicated in combination with midle and the tunnels. Maybe sinplify some stuff by reducing the paths

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Since i firstly made it for cs1.6 back in 2009, the map was ported to CS:S then to CS:GO and it's layout had been adjusted several times to balance the gameplay during this years. I had the chance to do so because despite the fact that it has the CT and T spawns too close, or it's somewhat unconventional layout, the map was/is popular on public servers in Eastern Europe, especially Russia, and Ukraine, and as i found out recently, in Brazil. In 2009 it took 4 days to finish it for CS1.6.

this is it's first version for  CS1.6


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