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Where'd Sprony go?

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I logged in today because I've been receiving a lot of messages on Facebook, Twitter, Steam and what not. I appreciate everyone's concern, but I'm not sick and I don't have too much on plate nor do I have personal issues going on. In fact, I'm doing great. I made the decision to leave this community. It was a tough one, but other people forced my hands in this. I will not go into detail, nor will I name people, but it all comes down to me being led on with false promises. I don't like being manipulated and I certainly don't like it when people speak on my behalf or write this off as me being busy. I put six years of my life into this site and it's a real shame I have to leave this way. But in short, I can't tolerate being treated like this, so I'm saying goodbye to you all. Maybe we'll meet again. So long Mapcore!


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