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[CSGO] Cavana (cs_Havana Remake)(Hostage Rescue Map)

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Hello! Been working on this for a while now and I finally feel confident enough to post this here rather than spamming it over in the Source Engine Discord.

The idea behind this was that Havana could be a good map... Yeaaahhhhh



Second Floor Radar


First Floor Radar


CT Spawn Overlook


T Courtyard Overlook



Glamor Shot



Feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Various parts of the map will look better than others. This is because I'm doing a slow revamping of all the areas and some have gotten more love than others.


Side Note: This map was playtested a while back when 3kliks was playtesting various maps on his servers

It's (for the most part) completely changed since the video but it's nice to see all the changes that I've made.

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What are you implying, I used to like Havana :D and a lot of people, from what I remember.

Courtyard could offer some very good shootouts... I remember fondly one round I snuck up behind the enemy lines for some lucky reason and got several kills a-la hitman, having silenced guns at the time :D

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On 12/11/2017 at 5:59 PM, RA7 said:

Reminds me alot of De_Canals....

About 3 days after I started working on the layout de_Canals was released and I instantly fell in love with the new assets from them... so I basically ended up making the map a love letter for canals before eventually deciding that they wouldn't be enough and that the hr_inferno assets would work great as well.

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