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Sound Design / Music Production - Chirp Chirp Sounds

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Hi! I'm a sound designer and music producer. I create audio for games, animations, films and also work as a ghost producer. Just want you to know if you need some creative sound stuff (whether it is music, sound design, dialog editing etc) feel free to message me. I know how important your projects are and I'll be glad to make them sound good.

These are my sound replacement demo reel (all original sounds were replaced by custom music and sound design):

Onward Internet


Here are some of my recente works:

 Magic Mountains (Sound Design)



Brick Shot 2 (Sound Design)


 Tower of Beauty (Music & Sound Design) 



 Wobblers ( Music & Sound Design)



 M U R M U R ( Sound Design)


Woods (Music)  

 Fast Track (Sound Design)


Career Development Centre - University of Westminster ( Sound Design)

My soundcloud profile
e-mail: [email protected]



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