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Level Designer - Star Citizen

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We have an open spot for a (regular) Level Designer on the team that is working on the persistent universe part of Star Citizen. Have a read through the job posting and post any questions below or send me a PM.



Foundry 42 and Cloud Imperium Games is looking for a Level Designer to join our team in Frankfurt, Germany. Under the directions of the Lead Level Designer you will be working with the other Level Designers and the Environment team to create modular and bespoke locations for the Star Citizen Persistent Universe (PU).


  • Under the directions of the Live Game Director and Lead Level Designer you will be working closely with the Environment team to design and whitebox layouts for our bespoke space/surface locations.
  • Designing layouts for rooms and components to be used with our procedural tech as well as using said tech to generate layouts for both space and surface locations.
  • Working with the Lead Level Designer and the Environment team to whitebox prototypes for modular components and common elements for our locations.
  • Working with the Environment team to ensure a balance between gameplay requirements and visual direction.
  • Contribute to design discussions and help solving various design challenges within the games’ setting.
  • Address feedback from user-testing, the development team and design management.
  • Implement location markup (E.g. room systems).


  • 3+ years of professional game production experience.
  • Good knowledge of the game development process.
  • Previous experience creating realistic and believable locations for AAA games.
  • Experience working on at least 1 large scale, 3D title.
  • Excellent English communication skills (verbal & written).
  • Ability to create design proposals for peer reviews.
  • Focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion.
  • Positive team-oriented attitude.
  • Proactive and self-motivated with a good organizational and problem-solving skill.
  • Ability to complete tasks within given time constraints.
  • Experience with current 3D game engines.
  • Interest in Science Fiction based genres/themes (games, books, movies).
  • Willing to relocate to Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • International Travel may be required as part of the role.


  • Good knowledge of Lumberyard and/or CryEngine.
  • Knowledge of architectural and spatial design for building believable environments.
  • Experience from multi studio development.
  • Knowledge of Confluence or other documentation systems.
  • Shipped (from pre-production to release) 1 large scale, 3D title (PC, current/next-gen consoles)


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