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[CSGO] de_flanders (wip)


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Over the past couple of months I have been working on a new map, de_flanders, a map set in the Belgian city of Bruges.

I'm not exactly recreating any particular area of the city to avoid situations like de_canals, but I am however using various iconic elements of the city.


I've mostly been tweaking and adjusting the layout to make the experience as fair and fun as possible.

I've playtested it a couple of times with friends in a 2v2 / 3v3 situation, since I can't bother enough of my friends to come and play my map.


So this is why I'm posting this here;

If you're taking the time to have a look around in the map, first of all, thanks!

Second, I'd like you to give your honest opinions and feedback on the current state of the map, and maybe even leave a suggestion.


Below you can find a link to the Steam Workshop as well as a couple of screenshots of the map.


Steam Workshop Link:



I have made a submission to the Mapcore Playtest Google docs for a playtest scheduled to be on Thursday the 2nd of November. 

If the playtest will actually occur, is up to the Mapcore gods.


Steam Workshop Thumbnail












Level overview (T Spawn at bottom, CT Spawn at top; Bombsite A to the left, Bombsite B to the right.)



Bombsite A



CT Spawn overlooking Water



Bombsite B





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