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Hello Mapcore,

I have been working on this map 'Burg' as a side project besides de_avalanche which is my first entry of the Mapcore's Mapping Contest. I have experienced some blockades on Avalanche on different parts of the project which made me work on this new concept named de_burg which is my second entry for the Mapcore's Mapping Contest. Not sure if I am able to finish this in time but atleast I will have a start for afther the contest if I won't ;)



Somehow I got bumped into this Castle in Austria (Hochosterwitz): 


By Accidant I also ran into this castle which I used as another reference (Hohenwerfen):


I managed to find a map of the Hochosterwitz castle and created a layout from the original overview of the castle:



My original idea was bombsite B to be the Garden you can see in the first refernece picture. While creating the layout in hammer I lacked in space and ideas to create cover for the bombsite, so I created a more kind of Castle Yard:


I still have to create the other half of the map including bombsite A which will be a fusion of both castles with this Hohenwerfen yard as a main reference:


Latest progress:



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51 minutes ago, blackdog said:

Great stuff! Congrats!

In the last screenshot are you highlighting a sneaky route I take. Boost to eg on the rocks and then climb over wall?

Thanks! Yeah its a dropdown from T midle to B main and vise versa a boost. The liana is climbable like a ladder but perhaps I create some more obvious jumps to climb up

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First iteration of the other bombsite. I have been struggling on this one for a long time and tried different stuff. It was quite hard because of the many entrances it would have but I hope I managed to create something that could work. Last thing to create it the path form this bombsite to CT spawn / CT mid and the layout is ready for a playtest.






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@Roald Could you try to configure one of your light_spot with a linear falloff


Like this one for example :


And also, another one with this :

Linear : 50
Quadratic : 1

(Not entirely sure it would be better, just curious)

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