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[CS:GO] de_Recycle

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Hey everyone!

Been lurking here for a while and decided I really need to start putting my work out there to gather feedback. So, I did an 11 day level design challenge ( shout out World of Level Design!) and came out with de_Recycle. It's my first 'finished' map for CS:GO and I primarily wanted to practice with level geo. There was a lot of iterating to get it to where its at and I feel okay about it. 

Known Issues;

Clipping - I haven't gone through and clipped the map at all. So you can easily get out of the map/ up to certain areas you shouldn't. For the 11 day challenge I didn't quite get to this part, but I will be polishing up the map after gathering feedback.

No Minimap - Just didn't get around to it yet, but will add soon!

Skybox - It's a big hollow box

Assets - I pretty much made everything crates/ containers... not the most unique. 

Theme - Because I mainly wanted to focus on the geo I didn't pay a lot of attention to the theme. This is something I need to work on.



Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Specially feedback on the layout, sightlines and overall enjoyment of the map. :) 

Thanks for your time!

Steam workshop link - de_Recycle



A Site


B Site






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On 10/21/2017 at 5:12 PM, Zimuus said:

Honestly the layout doesn't seem that bad its just very dull looking so far. Add more colours, different props, and maybe different ground in some places.

Glad to hear the layout wasn't a total bust lol. But yeah, I definitely need to work more on texturing, laying out props and really creating a theme/ mood. Thanks for the feedback.

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