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This looks legit, glad to see Crytek getting into the game again. Correct me if I'm wrong but I get PUBG with monsters / horror vibe, it can work!  

Looks nice and interesting, though it could be a bit smoother speaking of movements and camera.

Also, +1 3Dnj, i prefer hordes of monster than a giant mob... Hope it wont turn too much into a L4D and more like a NMRIH :)


Will it be F2P like crytek announced they focus on F2P games ?

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Turns out to be much better than I expected from the teaser… but not really my cup of tea.

Great art, as Crytek got us accustomed to, but movement and aiming is definitely too rough right now; especially in a tps, I wouldn't show footage until that part is more polished.

A big thing missing here is some dodging manoeuvre! Hope it's gonna be implemented, those grabs didn't seem very fair.

Lastly I'd say these enemies should flinch much more when hit, weapons don't seem very impactful… wouldn't hurt to see some limb fly! ;)

I really like the visual design of the witch.

Are there gonna be also coop moves, a-la splinter cell?

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I know it's a WIP, but there's nothing blatant, there's no signature move like in Alan Wake or the Gears' roll. Movement is very stiff… just saying that personally I don't find a presentation in this state very appealing, I'd rather see rougher graphics and better movement!

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