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This looks legit, glad to see Crytek getting into the game again. Correct me if I'm wrong but I get PUBG with monsters / horror vibe, it can work!  

One more coop! Awesome!








Who is publisher?

No fucking EA, please!


It seems to be a F2P game so they're probably going to work with different partners in each territory.


EDIT: e-freak beat me to it. By partners I mean mail.ru, tencent etc. 

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Haha I'm just kidding, just FYI.


This looks really cool! Like the setting, kinda gives me a Hunter: The Reckoning sorta vibe. Interesting that both this and Evolve are both simliar styles of game and are both using Cryengine :)

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I know I'm just yanking your chain :) 


I also think this looks kind of cool, this is actually the first I've seen of it. It's come at the right time for me if it's essentially Penny Dreadful with 4 player co-op

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I thought of Hellraid as well, I actually have different other titles in mind but I didn't want to have my comments misinterpreted.

I personally have tried L4D just two times and have been totally disappointed after what i was expecting, still have to see a similar game hyping me again :(

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