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Eddie Teah

Recruiting Teammates For Trigger Apps Production

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Hi Guys,

 I am recruiting 3D Modelers to help me design models and Levels for a 5 staged shooter puzzle game.

I need long term team members.

You will need to know a bit about Trello, Blender - Unity intergration or if you are 

using any 3D software- you need to know how to produce models that works in unity 3d engine.

Also I am recruiting Rigger and Animators, as well as Graphics/Ui designers.

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Hello Eddie,

There is a section named 'Job postings' on the forums. I think you are obliged to post recruitment related topics over there: https://www.mapcore.org/forum/12-job-postings/ 

You are explicit on what you are seeking for but I think you can gain more interrest when you also inform us on what you got to offer. Is it a paid job or voluntair job? Do you have a link to the game you are working on? What is the game about? Are there any pictures/videos you can show already? Are you working for a certain studio or on your own? 

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