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Playing couch co-op is fucking hilarious, spent most time cracking up.

Most if not all platformers that allow for co-op are just messy as hell, in this game it can actually help because you can bring back the player that died by jumping on his ghost, and each player earns and spends the gold he picks up.

Love how you have to memorize the sequences and have split second reaction to the jumps. Beating the bosses on simple then normal is fun too, what you thought it was impossible turns out to be only the beginning, shit is challenging for sure. Lol

Game looks amazing in movement man, also glad they added a chromatic aberration slider under options, really hate that filter looks so much better with it off or just drastically turned down. 

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21 minutes ago, Minos said:

Great game, it feels amazing to play. I love how you walk in a world map to reach new levels :P It is indeed pretty difficult but it's not as frustrating as it may seem.

That's the thing that really fascinates me, how they just nailed the difficulty. In many games, hard is just synonym for frustrating. In cuphead, it's like, hard but fun hard.

You know you're gonna die dozens of times, but every time you die, you learn from your mistakes and memorize the patterns! I am REALLY enjoying this game.

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