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After finishing Coop with my wife and then again on expert with my friend at work... I loved it. 

Get Gud has never been more accurate.  Coop actually makes the game harder, and not just from a stats tweak perspective. 

Can't say anything really negative about it, a treat from start to finish. 

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18 minutes ago, laminutederire said:

I am a bit tight on money, and I've heard a lot of praise about Cuphead and Hellblade. If you guys had to choose between either one or the other, what would you recommend?

Played both, loved both. In fact, they're probably my GOTY contenders up there with Zelda BOTW.

If you like old school platformers more specifically run&gun games like Contra, and enjoy the art style, go for cuphead.

If you like SP experiences, Hellblade feels like a fully fledged AAA game to me. Incredible technical achievement such as beautiful shaders and lighting, shame it lacks a bit in gameplay variety.

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