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[PVKII] Fortwick

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Fortwick is a PVKII Team Deathmatch map. The visuals and architecture are inspired by several European medieval castles, mainly Warwick and Bodiam castles in England and Carcassonne castle in France.

A big and special thanks to the developers and private testers of PVKII: 

Colonel: for the encouragement, feedback/suggestions, PVKII-related issues help, and playtests/broadcasts organization. 

Gaz, Schatzmeister, Agsma, Saunachum, Combine: for the quality feedback and helpful suggestions during the several playtests of the map.

The rest of the PVKII private beta testers: for making the playtests a success. 

The map supports up to 16 players per team (16 randomized spawns for each team). 

Enjoy the map.

September 10, 2017











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Minor update today:

The map is being switched back to bsp instead of being packed inside a VPK.

The VPK was created to counter an issue where PVKII was not able to handle custom loading screens that are embedded inside the bsp. The only solution to remedy this was to pack the bsp inside a VPK with the custom loading screens packed alongside the bsp in the VPK.

The map works perfectly fine for clients but server operators were having issues with the map not being a standard bsp.

The custom loading screen will not work for the time being once the map is switched back to bsp; the developers of PVKII assured me that they will implement custom loading screen support as part of the next PVKII patch.

If you're subscribed on the workshop, steam will auto-update the map. If you want a manual download (rar archive), head to Gamebanana to grab the updated archive.

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