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Hi all, long time no see!
Another project is about to wrap up and I dread the day that I have to update my portfolio, it's super cumbersome to work with and not flexible at all (just CTRL+A my website and you'll notice the weird table-like setup I use). So I figured that perhaps it was time for a change, the 93€ a year hosting costs don't seem that good of a deal neither :/

The portfolio section stickies haven't been updated since 2011-ish though so I was wondering what's hot these days? A lot of artists I know seem to use Artstation nowadays, anything else that´s new? Seems like a lot of portfolios in the portfolio section look hella good but I see no "made with wordpress" link underneath so what's the secret? Does everyone have mad Dreamweaver skills (I know I don't) or am I missing something? :) Share that knowledge and update the stickies folks!

Not sure this is the right section to be asking on the state of the portfolio section but I didn't wanna defile the stickies over there with noise, nor put a thread in there since it seems 100% portfolio links in there an no discussions.

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I made my portfolio completely from scratch only with html and css, which was a bit too much work to recommend to anyone. But I heard from @grapen that he managed to make his portfolio real quick with some tool and it's fully responsive. Maybe he can give some advice?

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1 hour ago, 'RZL said:

But I heard from @grapen that he managed to make his portfolio real quick with some tool and it's fully responsive.

According to his site's source code, he is using Wordpress.

Wordpress can be set up quickly, but if I recall correctly you need a web server to run it on. There are a lot of different templates/themes that you can install and give it your own touch.

I also wrote my portfolio from scratch using HTML, CSS and jQuery. As RZL mentioned, it takes time, but I feel like it's worth it in the end.

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Yep I use WP with Semplice which is super customizable out of the box, though I also used a little bit of custom css to get it just how I wanted. The hosting is a yearly cost obviously, and Semplice is a one time license cost. I value time over anything else and got my site up and running the same evening. Adding a new project to it takes me a minute, the only real time factor is taking screenshots and writing the documentation.

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Just now, Chimeray said:

Wordpress.org or Wordpress.com? Started looking into it a bit more and the difference is doing my head in. I'm guessing you use.org since you have no footer?

Yeah I use a local installation of Wordpress on my hosting service, so its .org. If you're going down that route, basically all of the major hosts here in Sweden have a "one click wordpress install" feature. If you want to, you can PM me for details.

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