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must. get. rid. of. crates. overall pretty decent, you've got something going. i'd have to play this map to point out some things that aren't realistic yet, but it seems you've got a cool start. and the name is cool :) (reminds me of ts_unami, de_fender and xa_nthi :)

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Looks to be a lot of fun, you did capture the suberbia style. But it needs more life, and more realism. And instead of the crates that you can hop on.. why not have a huge dumpster that has a displacement map of trash that leads to a ledge that will give you a boost to the top of the huge dumpster :D... Also in that corridor with lights above the garage doors... turn them off if they are day time. Also try to think of some better way to bound of the area than just brick walls... but keep it up.. im sure this will turn out good

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