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de_Oakwood's paper sketch layout [CS:GO]

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Hey guys, 

Freaky_Banana here, original creator of the yet to be finished map de_oakwood

Some of you may have followed the project others may not have. This doesn't matter, all you need to know is that I to date have not been satisfied with any of the 29 different layouts we tried. Now I want to start finishing this project once and for all.

Even though I won't be able to finish the map for this year, I wanted to put forward my newest handmade layout sketch (hence we are in the 2D forums). I know threads like this can prove a real nuissance with creators asking for feedback without handing out even nearly enough information for you guys to judge the map by. My hope for this thread is to be detailed enough to actually prove useful for my aspirations and constructive in the context of this forum. So here is everything you need to know about the new layout for de_oakwood:

  • Layout:
    WARNING: This is only a sketch, not all proportions are entirely accurate, but the general idea of the layout should come across! Most timings measured all right though (see later this post).


concerning cover, green means the cover is over playerheight, yellow is cover somewhere between belly and headshot height. 

arrows always show towards were the higher point is.

  • Timings:


I'm kind of worried for the timings at Long A and B. It just seems like 1 second isn't enough time to set up. at A this can be counteracted with clever smokes (you have a straight line of throw from your normal approach angle), but for B it is more difficult. edit: in the true to scale sketch the timings are skewed more in CT's favor, so it may be all good.

  • Height variation:



all measurements are given in hammer units. CT to B is a oneway drop, just for aesthetic reasons. I don't think I could make a supersteep slope work there. 

  • Chokepoints:


Orange is the first line of chokepoints in the map. The main battles are supposed to take place here. the blue CPs are the "second line of defense", meaning the next spot, at which an encounter is more or less likely to happen, assuming immediate rotation start upon the pick happening. 

  • expected setup:


  • defense spots (CT):

B defense:


mid defense:


A short defense:


A short once Chokepoint 1 was breached:


Long A defense second stage (meaning once the first Chokepoint got cracked by Ts):


  • Afterplant spots:

A Spot:


B Spot:



So guys, that's it for now, definitely let me know what you think! What will work well, what won't ? I'm pumped for your feedback.

Cheers :) !

PS: Just another reminder, this is still subject to change with scale, I am working on another paper sketch layout using editor units as scale this time, trying to stick to grid and sizing the map realistically.

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just wanted to let you know that I am indeed still warking on this layout. 


so of course nothing actually looks like I thought it would :D! But since this is moving into blockout phase, I would ask any mod nice enough to move this to the 3D thread :).

Thanks guys, hope you're looking forward to the first playable version as much as I am!


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TBH the timings part seems sort of irrelevant. Sure, make sure they reach the cp at similar times, but rotate times will always be skewed by a variety of factors like safeness and value, two things that are hard to see in a paper map. If you make the cp's work out and have reasonable rotates there is no need to nail it to the second, and it seems kinda limiting. Cool token system!

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