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Rebellion - Multiple roles available!


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Some new roles opened up this week:

Technical Designer


Lead Artist


Junior Sound Editor


AI Programmer


Lead VFX Artist


Again, feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like any help with your application etc!

Edit: More added

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Hey all!

We've got a Lead Artist position opened up here at our head studio in Oxford.

It's on a new project for a brand new IP. Can't really say anything obviously but it's a different kind of game to what Rebellion normally does.

If anyone is interested or knows of anyone interested send them my way and we can arrange a paid visit to Oxford to show them around and obviously show them the project they'd be leading the art on :)

More info here: https://rebellion-1.workable.com/j/1AC969E553

Cheers all!

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We're currently looking for a Level Designer to work on the next Sniper Elite game.


We're looking for someone with some industry experience. Maybe someone looking to move from a junior role at the end of their current project or someone just looking for a new opportunity with similar experience.

Give me a shout if you want more info or help applying :)

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We have another Level Designer role open working on the next Sniper Elite game.


As above, we're ideally looking for a Junior who is ready to move up to an experienced level or an experienced level designer.

If anyone wants to chat or apply for this give me a shout and I can give you a hand with the process :)

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Hey guys,

We have multiple experienced (or higher) level design roles available here at Rebellion right now. We're working on something big and new!

Job posting here: https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/7E052E40C1

The advert says Warwick but we'd be open to any studio being your "home" studio and of course we offer a hybrid working environment. 

If anyone is interested give me a shout and I can get you referred and I'm happy to give any feedback on portfolios and CV's too!

We've also got a bunch of other design roles open at the moment too

EXPERIENCED GAME DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/4269C57690

SENIOR MONETIZATION DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/ECF580F902

SENIOR ECONOMY DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/B105A0D677

LEAD GAME DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/4449757E38

..and more! We're on a big recruitment push at the moment so if there's anything you can't see on the website feel free to get in touch as there's probably more roles upcoming soon.


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