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[CS:GO]Endless Hours

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5 hours ago, Quotingmc said:

The music and atmosphere reminds me of The Long Dark. Looks cool what you have already.

Thanks, but music isnt in-game ,this music is just to make video easier to watch. I will hsve my own soundtrack in future.

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Quick update. Just to say that EH is now my main project.




- Player status and inventory



- Fishing (Can't show now)

- New place - dead forest. (Can't guarantee that I won't downgrade graphics a bit)

- Weather (Foggy, Clear sky, 2 types of cloudy)

- Thanks to friend Nexi, now I can make custom weapon models without mods


- New fireplace's UI

- Respawn system based on teleporting player back where he was some time ago. (3 times only)


- Trees are from GTA V ported to Garry's mod and my textures

- Knife from gamebanana



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I'm still making progress.


- Dressers for simple customization.

- Working multiplayer beds without awful noises.

- Thirst and hunger. Also now you can update your clothes, works more like levels in RPG but by crafting. 

(And yes HDR ruins graphics a bit)


- Cooking. You can eat food as it is but it may result in health problems. You can heal via medicine but

medicine have overdose.


- You can search for resources in shelves and refrigerators


- Had to make drop system for Coop and some inventory management. But using it too much will crash

the engine.



- Alpha fishing


- Made some world geometry without details. Yet it big, but I will work on some main buildings first.




Bless ya.



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- Added localization opportunity. Now map supports 3 languages: English, Russian, German.


If you want to help me with localization or just want to see your language in map contact me.


-Valve's player animations have been cut and replaced with my own. I've got a few bugs and trying to fix them.

Animations are shown in the video.

Smaller things:

-Added world map's picture instead of the placeholder

-I've changed the system of how the knife works

-Several multiplayer bugs fix

-The main world is now ready


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The first playable version of Endless Hours is out for public! I'm excited to share this alpha with you and hope to receive some feedback.

This version includes:

- Day/Night cycle

- Survival

- Fishing (Early build)

- Max sized world

- 2 players coop

Hope you will enjoy it!

Steam Workshop



Contact me if you want to provide me any help. Bless ya!

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