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[WIP] de_Palace

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de_Palace takes plays in Africa.
There are two bombsite's,
B is outside and has two ways to enter Mid and Apartment
A is inside and has two ways as well, B Main and Concetor from A Mid
Workshop link --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1119655195

Through vent on A in 3sec. on side
Through Main on A in 7sec. on side
In 5sec. on B side

Through Main on A in 11sec. on side
Through connector on A in 12sec. on side
Through Mid on B in 12sec. on side
Through apartment on B in 13sec. on side



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On 8/31/2017 at 5:08 PM, S1lv3r 4 lyf said:

Add some lights, maybe (looks like fullbright)?

Also, the nav mesh is old.

There is a video on how to clip spiral stairs here:


I just skimmed through the tutorial and I can't really recommend his method with carve and what not. So I made a tutorial with another approach without carve. You can watch it here: 


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Your Lighting feels very weird, you should add more lights everywhere. Check out TopHatWaffle lighting tutorial :). In CounterStrike, people don't like to make the effort to watch in the shadows if a player is here, we are not in Left4Dead. Think about Cache, Nuke, Dust2 !

Keep up the good work 

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So the mapping contest is almost done and I thought, I'd post the last update about my map. 
What I have to say at first is: I know the map is not done yet, but for my first time using Hammer I think I came quite far.

-After three test plays i finally noticed that the ct-spawn is way to far away from A-site, so i moved the ct-spawn more to the middle.

-I shortened the way to B-site, so the ct's can rotade faster from B to A. This rotade took earlier about 20 to 30 sec. 

-I opened the middle more so the t's have to fight for middle control to get to sqeeky B.

-I put some windows over B-site so the whole room will get brighter.( same for the old ct room)

-I made another window on A-site balcony, so the ct's can watch A short.

-what I couldn't do was to clip the spiral stair case. I tried but the player clips always deformed when I loaded the map.


de_palace overlay.jpg

a short.jpg

a sire window.jpg

A site long.jpg

b site balcony.jpg

b site ct.jpg

b site main.jpg


middle ct.jpg

middle t.jpg

short apps.jpg


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