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Usually don't have any hype, but this I'm looking forward to seeing. I suppose we will get some pics and perhaps ingame video within the coming weeks?

One second after I started the video (which to be honest feels like a poor mans civ trailer), I got this feeling that this could be locked to windows 10 and perhaps even (doubt it though), the windows store?

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Things I want:
-Complete freedom of building placement, none of that shitty AoEIII town center crap.
-Markets & trade units.
-Crappy voice acting.
-Large maps.
-Proper Black Forest RMS.
-More complex espionage techs/units.
-Trees that grow back.

Things I don't want or can very happily live without:
-Home Cities.



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AoE3 was such a disappointment, I really hope they learned their lesson.


I still have all the boxsets from earlier games on my shelf and recently bought the Remaster for AoE2 on Steam (which is still a lot of fun, btw) - it's a bit strange that they'd pull out a definitive edition for 2 then. Oh well, I am looking forward to buying and playing through all the DE's again and hope the fourth installment is not Windows Store exclusive. 

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1 hour ago, RivFader said:

AoE3 was such a disappointment, I really hope they learned their lesson.

I'd say a huge part of learning any kind of lesson is acknowledging mistakes in the first place. Unfortunately Microsoft have completely glazed over the rubbishness of AoEIII in the video below, but hopefully that's a case of the marketing department being typically cowardly and pathetic rather than the developers being ignorant.


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Aren't the definitive editions just higher res sprites and support for 4K resolutions with multiple zoom levels? I don't think they touch the way the game plays at all. 

Loved AOE back in my childhood, AOE3 was a let down though. Hoping it's more like 2.

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Highly doubt this game can capture the magic of AoE2, because in hindsight I'm not even sure what that magic was. The game just had a certain it factor, maybe in the graphics, maybe in the sound, maybe in the gameplay (online play was really intriguing, even on AOL dial-up). It's not even clear...

I played a LOT of it, though.

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I hope it won't just be AoE:WW1/2, though I suppose that's something that would make sense with their CoH history :)

Definitely excited to see what the hell this will be, even if Relic peaked with the first CoH for me, then they're probably still the best in the RTS business.

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