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It's time for an update! (FINALLY) I've been working on detailing A site for a while now. Since most models don't fit the theme I'm going for, I worked on some custom models as well. Oh, and don't mind the obvious seam in the geometry on the first screen ok thanks




I'll try to post updates more regularly from now on!

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Been working on T-spawn/long A. I'm having some trouble with making the road look more realistic; it just looks too clean right now. I'm problably going to try a blendmodulatetexture to paint some dirt on the road or something. The crate is a placeholder btw, meant to break up the line of sight.


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Hey everyone!

I've started working on long B. This part of the map exists of older Japanese architecure to clearly distinct itself from the rest of the map. Obviously still WIP, but it's getting there.de_sunrise0029.jpg.9b62e698193faebdfb3db1792209a5ae.jpg

I also made (actually still working on it) a custom utility pole with the top parts being separate models. This way I can make as many powerlines as I want, which is convenient since Japan's power grid is almost entirely above ground. 


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Hi everyone! I wanted to give an update on the progress. Since this is my first CSGO map, I had quite a hard time figuring out how everything works (especially optimization-wise) and I ended up underestimating the effort I had to put in. Because of this, I wasn't able to finish the map on time, which I was pretty bummed out about.

Although the deadline came a little too soon for me, I want to continue working on this map, simply because I love to do it. I'd also like to say that I absolutely love this community, it's so awesome seeing all the projects people have been working on! 

I'll keep you guys posted!


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