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[CSGO] Sneak

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Hi everyone. After a long break from mapping I've decided to polish up an old level of mine, Sneak!

Workshop link

Outside Top floor Foyer Alley Basement Radar

It features a custom game mode similar to free-for-all, but where everyone is given a silenced pistol. Other weapons and equipment can be found scattered around the map.

The aim of the map/mode was to encourage sneaky gameplay - areas where better weapons can be found are very exposed; a flooded basement allows fast movement around the lower floor; windows, ladders and boosts allow for the quick traversal of all sides of the building.

While it's certainly not perfect visually (namely the surrounding buildings) it's reached the point where I want to throw this out in the open and start working on other things.

I hope you have as much fun playing this as I have! I'd certainly recommend grabbing a few friends to play with first though, the lack of objectives make the bots very stupid.



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