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Heya, throwing my hat into the ring with de_berth by grapen.

The map is set in and around a fictional dry berth in Sweden.

Graybox is done and dusted. Below is the first day of env art to give you a general idea of where I'm taking this. No overview created yet.


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The overall mood and gameplay for this area has been nailed down. What you see is CT spawn, and the tracks cut through the entire map on a highrise platform. In the second art phase I'll revisit this part to work on finer details and final lighting. For now I'm moving on to work on the area to the right of this shot.


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4 hours ago, Squad said:

Not a lot we can see yet, but what is there looks promising! Also interesting sky choice :) Subject to change?

Yep we'll see about the sky, I made it before I realized we can't have diffuse shadows. Derp. The clouds are moving but I could still paint a hole in the mask where the sun is lol. But yeah, anything but clear blue Nuke sky should be good :D

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6 hours ago, gav said:

With seeing your previous work i guess its going to be amazing . very nice


Thanks, hope I won’t disappoint!

The map has undergone a complete overhaul of the lighting, mood and color palette since the above screenshots. Should be workshop ready after the weekend.

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