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[Indie Game] Revulsion - Doom Meets Darksouls


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Big update the entire Damage system in Revulsion. All weapons armor and enemy types now have elemental effects.

  • Undead / Zombies
    Fire based weapons are best vs undead and zombies. Fire and lightning deal 50% increased damage while poison and ice are cut in half.
    Fire : +50%
    Poison : -50%
    Ice : -50%
    Lightning : +50%
  • Hell Beasts / Demons / Arcana
    Hell beasts are strong vs fire and lightning. Demons are weak vs poison damage. Ice based weapons do normal damage vs demons as well. Hell beasts toss green balls that now deal poison damage. so be ready for that.
    Fire : -50%
    Poison : +50%
    Ice : No difference
    Lightning : -50%
  • Machines / Robots / Objects
    Lightning based weapons are best for destroying armor. Various enemy types now have armor.
    Fire : -75%
    Poison : No effect
    Ice : -75%
    Lightning : +50%

Note : There is a small chance that a target will suffer a negative status effect when taking elemental damage. These status effects do not stack.

Fire : Burns for 8 seconds for moderate damage over time
Poison : 8 seconds of poison damage
Ice : 8 seconds of freezing damage while movement is slowed
Lightning : Armor takes much higher damage percentage


You can view your elemental resistance on the equipment menu tab.


Weapon and armor tool tips now display elemental affiliation.


4 new armor sets have been added to the game. These new armor sets are based around the new elemental resistance system.


Damage text has been improved to make it more clear when you deal critical damage from head shots on enemies.

Up next will be jump mods!

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Performance, Damage and new weapons! New games will gain instant access to the crossbow weapon!

  • Loading screens are now in place.

Any time you load into a new area you will see a loading screen pop up.

  • Armor nolonger blocks 100% of damage when the damage is greater than how much armor you or target NPC has.

This fixes a long standing bug where if you hit an enemy with even 1 point of armor he would take almost no damage at all even if it was a rocket that did more than double how much health he has.

  • Plasma Rifle now fires like a rapid fire shotgun.

Minor update to the plasma Rifle.

  • Crossbow and many new weapons are available now!

You can find the crossbow right away on a fresh game. Weapons like, the rivet gun, flame thrower, cluster bomb grenade launcher (Bomb Shot) and the poison dagger, can now be found for sale on various vending machines in the world.

The Pickaxe is now in the game as well but its not currently used for finding secrets yet.

Note : The new weapons do not currently have proper icons but they will in the near future.

  • Stairs no longer absorb all projectiles.
  • Performance tweaks and changes are now in place.
    You SHOULD see a sizable increase in performance. if not let me know.

I will be releasing a video very soon about a new idea I want to talk about with you guys which will have a pretty big effect on the flow of Revulsion. I plan to prototype this new flow in the next patch. I am going to release a video where I talk about this change very soon. Hopefully later tonight!

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Functionality for basic level randomization is now in place. I am now breaking up the old levels into smaller chunks.


I have an epic ton of level design work that's going to be going on. Creating additional tiles and all new episode 2 tiles are in the works. Revulsion is going to have a lot more variety in its game play soon!

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UE4Editor_2018-03-03_02-59-32.pngA bit more needs to happen before I can show a fully functional prototype. In the above image you can see the beginnings of a more mission oriented flow to the game. Rather than traversing a super large level you will be rewarded for completing missions. Complete a mission and it will give you various rewards as well as unlocking new missions and even harder difficulties of older missions. Imagine gaining access to a blueprint to craft some cool new weapon or body armor but only if you are able to complete a certain level.

In some ways this is essentially a Revision of the entire game but its one of those things where once you get into it you will quickly be right at home again. I feel like this new flow addresses many of the games complaints about ammo and death while also making the game quite a bit harder over all. Which is pretty crazy actually. This makes the game even more brutal because you get access to the games tougher difficulties much sooner as apposed to having to wait until new game plus. Not only that but, you have a limited number of lives and if they run out you end up back at Sanctuary.

New game plus will still be available as well but it will come in the form of a reward for completing a challenging mission you gain access to later in the game.

So there is some randomization to the world now, but overall you will just be playing hand crafted levels that are stitched together differently each time you load the mission. smaller more bite sized levels where you can enter and exit them from different directions each time. The smaller moderate "tiles" will involve old school find the key open the door game play as well. Not only that but sometimes a random enemy on the level will become an elite making him far more dangerous.

There will be more level loads during a mission in general as you will be walking into doors that zone you into the next area. With that said I believe that the level loading times will be quite fast as the maps are much smaller in general. I also think that performance will be better on lower end machines as the smaller levels will have a lot less overhead as well.

I plan to make a fairly decent number of smaller and medium sized tiles for the game. My goal is going to be to basically graybox as much as humanly possible. Expect to see a lot of gray box levels this month. But I am also retooling key locations I have already made before into new tiles.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I know I have not been super active here lately but the game has still been in progress and I am preparing to get a very big patch out soon. I have put the game through a fairly big redesign. And I am now looking at the roadmap to taking Revulsion out of early access. I also have multiple free DLC packs that will be added to the game at later times.

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Major patch for Revulsion has been released!

This is a full list of changes to Revulsion since the last patch. This is the largest patch to Revulsion ever! As of this patch, if you claim to love old school style single player shooters and Revulsion is not at least on your radar then you don't actually like old school shooters.

"But, but muh voxel graphic make me think its minecraft" - Seriously, just examine the actual gameplay. The game is still very much a work in progress but at this point, after playing what is there for even just a couple hours you will realize you are dealing with a beast of an FPS that is only going to continue to grow in size and scope.

I will likely begin browbeating people who claim this is "just another voxel shooter" without having even played the game moving forward. You have been warned and your love of old school shooters credentials are officially on the line. Like I said, if this game isn't at least on your radar then it **** well should be. :P

PS: I have not been this cocky until this patch! (I am just now beginning to feel increasingly confident.)

The World

  • 14 New levels! - Massive amount of new game play content added to the game!

8 Of these levels are completely new while 4 of them are revised variations of previous levels. A huge number of new challenges!

Note : As of this patch many of the levels are in graybox form. My plan is to do a full art pass on all maps to bring them all up to visual fidelity asap.

  • Mission functionality. - A completely revised structure to the flow of the game!

Instead of traversing large semi open ended levels you are now faced with a much larger number of smaller levels that are strung together using a new system called Patchwork. The goal with this system is to retain all of the elements that make hand crafted level design while still having a semi randomized feel to the world to maximize replay-ability.


I want you to grind a bit. I want people to play missions multiple times. But randomly generated worlds tend to make for poor level design experiences. This is a new solution that I do not believe has ever been done before in this genre.

  • Completion Bonuses for completing Missions.

You will now gain special rewards for completing each mission.


This also includes one time special bonuses for crafting blueprints and increased credits for first completion.

  • The Patchwork level design system - Hand crafted levels with random elements to increase replayability.

The Patchwork system is a method that takes a pool of hand crafted levels and makes it so that each time you play the level you will start and exit the level differently.

The direction that you exit one level will determine the direction you enter the next level. You will often find yourself playing a level you have already played but experiencing things differently.

Note : There is additional functionality under the hood that prevents you from seeing the same levels multiple times in the span of two missions.

  • Find key open door gameplay is back in a new way. - Much lower dependency on "lock in" style arena battles.

In the previous version of the game power node style lockin battles made up probably a majority of your overall combat experience. After this patch the VAST MAJORITY of your game play will be pure no holds bard brutal exploration and discovery. Pretty much identical to playing the original Doom in many respects.


Instead of the Red Key, the Blue Key and the Yellow Key you will be searching for special power crystals. Once all of them have been collected one of 4 possible exit doors will open allowing you to progress to the next level. Keep in mind that ambushes are very common when you disturb these artifacts!

Note : Power node battles still exist but they are much more rare. They exist usually as the ultimate goal of completing a mission.

  • Lots of secrets in the levels!

All of the levels have been fitted with special secrets that allow you to stock up on loot and other goodies to help you along the way. Searching for secrets is a big part of the game.


In the current version these secrets are easy to see in most cases. Enjoy it while it lasts because after the next art pass these blocks will look a lot more like the surrounding world.

Note : If you don't have an explosive weapon capable of breaking these blocks then maybe you should carry around a trusty pickaxe. "Perhaps I should add an axe and a shovel too." biggrin.png

Note : Some secrets or locations can only be reached by having access to jump mods.

  • New Game Plus has been updated! - The Iron Man Challenge

If you can complete the iron man challenge you will be able to begin the game in new game plus mode. This means that the level cap will be raised as well as the levels of all missions and monsters and loot in the world.


New game plus will allow you to gain access to weapons, special abilities and blueprints not available in the first run through. You will even begin to see special magical weapons appear like daggers, magical wands and super rare hell weapons if you can complete new game plus multiple times.

  • Dual hell auto pistols and Dual hell blasters

You can obtain the super rare dual auto pistols and dual hell blaster blueprints as well as one mastery token only by completing new game plus.


These weapons are insanely good and are probably best in slot for your pistol weapon choices outside of maybe a couple even more rare possibilities.

  • Limited lives?


New functionality has been added to make it so you cannot die more than X number of times during a mission. Revulsion does not cut you slack. Not only will you lose almost all of your loot but you will be teleported back to the hub level and the mission will have failed.

You WILL be punished for your mistakes. Your decisions are a huge factor on your success of the game. This functionality exists for those rare cases where someone simply bites off more than they can chew so the game will have mercy on them by ending the mission.

Note : If this functionality does not exist then its possible for someone to be perpetually trapped in a unwinnable situation. I give you the ability to make this kind of mistake. If it happens its because you are in over your head.

  • The difficulty...

The first run through on normal difficulty will be more than enough to completely brutalize even the most hardened old school FPS shooter fan. But it only gets harder after that. The new mission system now allows you to gain access to harder difficulties without having to utilize the new game plus functionality.


As of now you are able to play the first 4 missions in the following difficulties, Normal, Hard, Insane and Revulsion. Each difficulty has its own level requirements as well as increased monster placement in the world. And if that's not enough then you can infinitely replay the game on new game plus by completing the Iron Man challenge.

  • New armor pickups!

Body armor and armor helmets now exist in the world. These items fill up your armor value provided by the gear you have equipped.



  • Enemy projectile speeds have been slowed

This allows you more leeway to dodge attacks from enemies that use ballistic weapons.

  • Enforcer enemy type no longer has armor.


  • Grenadier enemy type no longer has armor but has a tiny bit more health.


  • Enemies with armor now have greater weakness to lightning damage.

Ambiance and music

Special functionality has been added to allow music and ambiance to follow the mood of the players current situation. For example the music may change when the player activates a particularly large ambush event.


  • Elemental damage and status effects have been improved.
  • Fire damage applies a burn status to targets for damage over time.
  • Poison damage applies a poison status to targets for damage over time.
  • Ice damage slows enemy movement and applies a frostburn effect for damage over time.
  • Lightning damage potency has been greatly increased and now has a much greater effect on destroying enemies that have armor.
  • Crossbows now have a unique ammo type.


  • The ability to dismantle all weapons has been re-implemented.

Pay close attention to the items you can obtain from dismantling.

  • The flame throwers range has been increased.


  • The howitzer weapon now has increased base damage.


  • Many new weapon blueprint types have been created for you to be able to craft.

Special abilities and boosters

  • Aegis Recovery now increases both movement speed and defense while recovering your health
  • Many new booster and special ability blueprints have been created for you to be able to craft.
  • Dark seed should no longer cause your player character to become lagged out under specific circumstances.
  • Transmutation booster now consumes less armor, provides over healing and a higher potency heal.


  • Loot now follows a leveled list.

I have implemented a new leveled list functionality for items to make it so you will continue to see new cool items as you gain more and more levels. This also means that many items will not appear until you have completed new game plus multiple times.

  • All loot tables have been greatly revised to fit the new flow of the game.

Vending Machines


  • The amount you can sell items at a vending machine has been greatly reduced.
  • Vending machines no longer try to sell you blueprints you already have.
  • There are far more vending machines in the world now.

Heads Up Display

  • The players hud has been revised with a completely new layout.


  • Clicking the travel button should no longer cause the loading screen to pop up even though nothing is being loaded.

Jump mods!

It is now possible to access and craft jump mod blueprints. You can obtain Double jump blueprint after completing the second mission for example. Dismantling boots is the only way to obtain jump mod crafting materials.


  • Repairing weapons should no longer cause weapons to vanish.
  • Raw Animus.
  • This is a vital ingredient needed for crafting most items in the game. These can only be obtained by completing missions. Like blueprints, these ingredients are not lost on death.
  • Mastery Tokens.
    This is a vital ingredient needed for crafting the absolute most rare and powerful items in the game. These can only be obtained by completing high tier end game content. Like blueprints, these ingredients are not lost on death.
  • Quality system has been completely redesigned.

In addition to the color text used for the name of the item you will now also be able to see a bar that indicates how good the item is within that tier. The more full this bar is the better the items overall stats will be.

Before this patch it was possible to "upgrade quality" on any item you wanted. But now in the current version the only way to craft higher quality items is to obtain the blueprint for the item you want then upgrade that blueprint before actually crafting the item at that quality level.

Note : Keep in mind that upgrading blueprints to green and above quality ranges is not a good idea until you are at the level cap. The reason is that when you level up that legendary blueprint will drop down to superior quality. The stats of that item you can craft with that blueprint will remain identical! But it simply wont be as impressive to your now one level higher player. So when you expend a lot of resources into upgrading blueprints try to do it when you are at the level cap.

Automap improvements

Multiple improvements have been done to the auto-map functionality to make it so its easier to see and understand the auto-map. The higher the floor the more bright the material will be. Auto-map now also slowly floats up and down to help provide a better feeling of depth perception. The auto-map is extremely important especially now that so many new levels have been added to the game.


Revulsion is my indie game project that is currently available on steam early access.

Official Discord - all are welcome!

Steemit Updates:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Special limited time only monthly loot box!

  • Combat Helmet Blueprint!
  • Gatling Laser Blueprint!
  • You have until Monday to log in to collect these coveted blueprints!

Automap now has the ability to move with you rather than remain stationary.

  • You can press map button a second time to make it stationary so you can look around.
  • Press the map button a third time will toggled it fully off.

Orgrimgore battle is now the final level of Iron Man.

As if things were not hard enough! I actually think its too hard right now and probably will not stay this way forever. You are supposed to be able to fight this boss on easier difficulties to learn its mechanics as the hardest difficulty leaves zero room for mistakes. I may make easier difficulty versions of the fight available on The Under Tunnels tab if you complete all Dark Fortress content up to hard mode.

Trial Battle Arena.

Fast and loose, you can do these trial battles for a chance at some new loot as well as old loot. These battles are also meant to get you introduced with some of the tougher and much more rare enemies in the game.

13 new blueprints have been created for Transmutation

Transmutation is the ability convert 1 raw animus into specifc amount of crafting material. This includes gems and credits!

limited lives no longer effects hard difficulty.

(Now only Insane and Revulsion have limited lives.) 1/4 starting levels now has recieved an art pass.

More to come!

Weapon Balance Changes.

  • Auto Pistol base damage and accuracy increased slightly.
  • Magnum base damage reduced slightly.
  • Howitzer accuracy buffed by a lot. Its now a sniper style weapon.
  • Firebomb launcher no longer kills friendly floor cleaning robots.
  • Melee attack now has a wider range.

General updates, changes and bug fixes.

  • Removed sell value for all items on the tooltip.
  • Prevent items from spawning above the max item level.
  • Crafting menu requirements now properly highlight required materials.
  • AI Sniper state cancels if health goes below 75%.
  • Vending machines can no longer sell items above your level cap.
  • Reworked the music in Warpath mission to not always play even while there is no real action.

Revulsion is my indie game project that is currently available on steam early access.

Official Discord - all are welcome!

Steemit Updates:

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So this update has quite a few changes and additions!

Check out the game here on steam early access https://store.steampowered.com/app/719180/Revulsion/ 
2/4 Starting levels have been fully arted out. Only 2 more starting maps to go!

UE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-13-44.pngUE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-14-01.pngUE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-14-35.pngUE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-14-47.pngUE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-15-04.pngUE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-16-21.pngUE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-16-36.pngUE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-17-03.pngThe easy mode helmet!

Is the game just a bit too hard for you? Well, here is your chance to equip the easy helmet. It modifies the following things.

  • The helmet has godly stats in addition to being legendary at all times.
  • Once you put the helmet on your death counter will be forever replaced with an easy mode indicator.
  • You can never leave easy mode once you activate it even if you take the helmet off.
  • You will have to begin a new character to get out of easy mode.
  • You will gain 3x as much from armor regeneration.
  • All monsters will spawn 2 levels lower no matter what mission you run.
  • Limited lives mechanic will always be disabled even on Revulsion difficulty.
  • Easy mode helmet can be found at two different locations.

At the very start of the game.

UE4Editor_2018-05-07_08-21-03.pngInside of sanctuary.


Combat helmet and gatling laser are no longer available on Month reward loot case. Next month I will do something else so be ready for that! biggrin.png

General gameplay tweaks and changes

  • Added a small amount of deceleration to character movement. Roughly equal to accerlation.
  • All enemies now have glowing eyes accept for a few mobs. Zombies have glowing brains.
  • Gem Transmutes should be much more common drops when doing trial battles.
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