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[Indie Game] Revulsion - Doom Meets Darksouls

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Many new fairly big gameplay changes and updates!

  • Stationary turret now properly ejects brass when it fires its weapon.
  • Can no longer switch weapons while aim down sight is active. (Prevents wrong zoom distance bug)
  • Text on various tutorial video screens have been updated to reflect recent gameplay changes.
  • Vending machines now increase their price for miscellaneous services.
    The price increases every time you use a service. The price increase resets whenever you die, travel between zones or activate a fast travel node.
  • Locational damage!
    example : When shooting enemies in the head you will deal 25% critical damage. Damage number will be yellow with an exclamation point.
  • Action point recovery has been removed from ammo boxes.
  • A new Action point recovery world pickup has been introduced.
    Viles provide 25% of Base max AP

Various small tweaks and changes in general.

Episode 2 news...

  • Episode two now has functional jump pads.

I want to have keys and door style functionality for Episode 2. This functionality will have the player searching for special objects that can be used to unlock doors and open paths. It wont just necessarily be keys. It can also be specific artifacts. These artifacts will likely not be inventory items. I am planning to make them function differently. The artifacts will begin to follow the player around once the player moves close enough to them. All the player has to do is survive the trip back to the location where the item can be used.


I will probably be spending most of this month just getting all of the new guns and monsters in a functional state, hopefully with animations ect. I will keep you guys updated, I am also due to make another Dtube dev blog as well.

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Big update the entire Damage system in Revulsion. All weapons armor and enemy types now have elemental effects.

  • Undead / Zombies
    Fire based weapons are best vs undead and zombies. Fire and lightning deal 50% increased damage while poison and ice are cut in half.
    Fire : +50%
    Poison : -50%
    Ice : -50%
    Lightning : +50%
  • Hell Beasts / Demons / Arcana
    Hell beasts are strong vs fire and lightning. Demons are weak vs poison damage. Ice based weapons do normal damage vs demons as well. Hell beasts toss green balls that now deal poison damage. so be ready for that.
    Fire : -50%
    Poison : +50%
    Ice : No difference
    Lightning : -50%
  • Machines / Robots / Objects
    Lightning based weapons are best for destroying armor. Various enemy types now have armor.
    Fire : -75%
    Poison : No effect
    Ice : -75%
    Lightning : +50%

Note : There is a small chance that a target will suffer a negative status effect when taking elemental damage. These status effects do not stack.

Fire : Burns for 8 seconds for moderate damage over time
Poison : 8 seconds of poison damage
Ice : 8 seconds of freezing damage while movement is slowed
Lightning : Armor takes much higher damage percentage


You can view your elemental resistance on the equipment menu tab.


Weapon and armor tool tips now display elemental affiliation.


4 new armor sets have been added to the game. These new armor sets are based around the new elemental resistance system.


Damage text has been improved to make it more clear when you deal critical damage from head shots on enemies.

Up next will be jump mods!

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