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[WIP] de_Athrom

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Entering my map, My theme is going towards a mixture of Ancient Athens and Rome. By no means any actual scenery in the world just the architecture style. Started a little late so lots to do still but progress is coming along. 


Have not submitted map to steam workshop yet. Textures are in place purely to inspire ideas.

Still tweaking map layout.

- Ex. Outside bombsiteA (Picture) (Not sure where I'm going with it yet)









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Update #2


Lots of changes, still no workshop. At this time I don't want to pack everything, make changes and repack everything again. But I will be uploading shortly. So instead here are pictures from similar POV frames from above to give a general idea where things are going.












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Too Bright? Are you Guyz crazy ? 
Having visited a lot of ancient greece and roman ruins, the colors are mostly white/yellow/cream. Inside patios are well represented but this needs to be a lot more whity/brighty for me. 
Your brushwork is good :), Keep up the good work


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Like the other "crazy guyz" said: the environmental light really is too yellow - tone it down a bit. Your overall choice and use of textures and models is "off". Some of them just dont fitt your chosen theme. Could you post a simplified overview? Its really hard to read :/ I Like the Idea of having a map with roman / greek architecture. :)

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Thanks for the suggestions. In fairness the light environment is an easy thing to adjust so I'll consider the suggestion to lighten up on the yellow though. I also agree that ancient Greece is a time of cleanliness. So white, beige and yellow are the color schemes to go with. Sadly due to time frame building proper props for such a map would take time. And being a complete novice to prop making I have to play with what's provided :/ But I'll do my best to accommodate a ancient Greece theme with a mix of modern architecture.

- Currently building a radar, background and adding sounds. 

- things on the list still... adding more props in other blank areas. And obviously optimization. 

Probably finish with radar and background and then I'll package what I got and add it to the workshop. Hopefully by this Wednesday at the latest. If all goes according to plan. Than I'll be open to more in depth suggestions before the deadline.

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I finally uploaded the map to the workshop. YAY!


There must have been an update with SDK not too long ago because I wanted to upload it sooner but was having issues and wouldn't let me get past the lighting part when compiling. Which discouraged me to continue. But it works now so here it is.

Please feel free to leave any suggestions, comments or concerns. Still a month to make improvements, looking forward to hearing them.

P.S. I took your suggestion on lighting it up and getting rid of the yellow, does this look better?

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