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CS:GO radar not showing up

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I try to get a radar showing up for my map but I can't get it done. I think my dds file is correct, but for the sake of safety I try to use the one of train right now.

My map is called de_metro_rm_06

I have a file de_metro_rm_06.txt in the overview folder.

This is the content:



    "material"    "overviews/de_train"    // texture file
    "pos_x"        "-2477"    // upper left world coordinate
    "pos_y"        "2392"
    "scale"        "4.7"

    // loading screen icons and positions
    "CTSpawn_x"    "0.86"
    "CTSpawn_y"    "0.77"
    "TSpawn_x"    "0.12"
    "TSpawn_y"    "0.25"

    "bombA_x"    "0.63"
    "bombA_y"    "0.49"
    "bombB_x"    "0.52"
    "bombB_y"    "0.76"


I also don't see a radar image when I fly around with noclip.

It should at least show an image when loading the map.

Anyone an idea?



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I am at work, so I can't check it, but isn't de_train's overview file called de_train_radar?

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