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Terrorists want to put a luxury residential area in fright. The Counter-Terrorists have to stop them at any cost.

Still in a very early stage.

T-R3x3r: level design
scrungus: environment art
T path to mid
T path to A
T to A path:
A spot:
A spot (ct entrance )
CT spawn house:
Mid (ct view):
CT spawn house:
B spot:
B spot (the bridge):
B spot ( ct side ):
CT to B path:

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9 hours ago, S1lv3r 4 lyf said:


Do you have a player clip displacement under the bridge? It seems to be improperly displayed from some angles (hard to spot while playing).





That was a mistake from the old version of the map, I never noticed it was still there.

It's pretty primitive, but we're working on that area in a newer version, so hopefully no more playerclip displacements

Also, I noticed that the water is black for you, why is that? some people have had that problem during the playtest, but not everyone.

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On 31.8.2017 at 5:42 PM, S1lv3r 4 lyf said:

The ladder does not work in the watery spot.


Thanks for the feedback. The ladder got fixed in the latest update.


On 31.8.2017 at 5:42 PM, S1lv3r 4 lyf said:


Found normal clip in only two spots

All the Playerclips are from the beginning of the map. In the newer areas we will replace the old playerclips with the normal ones.


On 31.8.2017 at 5:42 PM, S1lv3r 4 lyf said:


T spawn. The bots think they can walk through the fence and out into this area.

I have not really worked on the navmesh, but I will keep that in mind when i am going to work further on the nav mesh.

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