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[Unreal Tournament][WiP] Facility #17

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Hello, MapCore!

Honestly, I'm not sure if I should be posting this in 3D or if I should be posting this here. But... since I apparently can't create new topics in the 3D forum, I guess it's going here. Anyways... I figured I might as well start off this post with the design for this project.

  1. Learn Unreal Engine 4
  2. Make pretty map
  4. ???
  5. Trains
  6. Profit

Facility #17 was inspired by the maps Facing Worlds and Outpost 23. I wanted to make a floating island map with a sort of run-down industrial complex inside. The best thing I could think of was a mining facility. As the idea progressed it became a facility which extracted resources from the magma pit at the bottom of the island. However, once extraction profits couldn't outpace expenses the Liandri Mining Corporation repurposed the facility into one of their Tournament Arenas.

Extremely compelling designs I know. Anyways after months (about a week) of slaving away (it was more of a free time project really) in the Unreal Tournament Editor, I have the first playable version of Facility #17. And much to my surprise it was rather fun to dominate (get dominated by) bots with. It has a lot of bugs, inconsistencies, and incompleteities (100% real word); the biggest of which are the moving platforms over the lava pit not actually moving. Anyways I'm sure there are plenty of things which aren't balanced properly and I plan to fix those in future revisions.

Thanks for taking a look at my new baby and thank you in advance for any feedback on how to make it better.

Outside view of the Facility:


Lava Pit:



Central Hall:





Download: https://redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/jdbenera199/DM-Facility17-WindowsNoEditor.pak


RedirectReferences=(PackageName="DM-Facility17-WindowsNoEditor", PackageURLProtocol="http", PackageURL="redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/jdbenera199/DM-Facility17-WindowsNoEditor.pak", PackageChecksum="fc369e63bf84846ff00875c9ffb52f92")


Also, I apologize for my bad humor. I also apologize for the enforcer and hud, I don't have a firm grasp on UT's console commands yet.

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Tiny bit more insight into design.

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