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for the playtest:


-Layout is unfocused. More likely to be shot in the side or back of head than the front. I think it needs simplifying.

- Detailing is great but too samey throughout the map. Adding to the above comment that detailing should be simplified in areas that are important. Very cluttered at some areas that need the layout clearly defined.

- bombsites should stand out a lot more.

- clipping needs a major pass.


Great potential here :)

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Pretty much agree with everything that Vaya mentioned.

Overall the map suffers from readability issues. It's not always clear where the paths are, how many there are, etc. Some examples:

It's not clear that the bridge with the windows here is an accessible area. I got shot and killed in the back in two consecutive rounds because of this. It's also too difficult to see if anyone is standing behind the windows. Increase brightness behind the windows and remove the windows frames too.


During the playtest I never noticed that the tunnel on the right is accessible by breaking the wood, only found that out after running around in it later. It doesn't catch any attention, which would be fine if it was only eyecandy. For example, place a light source behind it (closer than the one that you currently have) to draw attention and make the wooden planks stand out more.


Overall, the map was very enjoyable. I hope you can work out the issues and looking forward to any progress :)


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Yeah same here. I enjoyed the rounds I played but the layout was confusing to say the least. The detailing is good but a little over the top in some areas. The B-site gave me some losttemple2 vibes. Which is a good and a bad thing (fun map but not played at all). Some of the Timings seemed a little of to me (left route from CT-Spawn) - but that could be my first impression without proper map-knowledge. I think simplifying the Layout and cleaning up some of the detailing would make this a really fun map to play :) keep on working.

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Great update! Much better. I love the dirty old rusty broken atmosphere u got there. I subscribed it to check it out ingame when I got time. Perhaps I got some feedback for you


Edit: didnt read page 2. Too bad I couldnt be there at the playtest. Perhaps the next time. Will still walk trough it ingame anyways 

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  • 2 months later...

Okay ---- GOOD LUCK To everyone. 

I can honestly say there are some absolutely awesome looking entries . Having busted a nut to get my map finished by Oct 30   wasn't too many finished   I was a little bit sad :( when the time frame got pushed out . Now looking at some of the work others have submitted I can only say the time extension is ultimately a massive benefit for the community :D  . 

Thanks to @Andre Valera for his great feedback and analysis and also others who gave me some great feedback as well.  I have managed to get a newer layout completed but after 3 days of trying to upload I can only try again and hope it gets there in time,  29th here ATM. 

The version that is available on the WORKSHOP did get tweaked back earlier in the month with some skybox alterations with emphasis on nades ( smoke ) and some lighting .   

*T's can throw smokes from spawn to block out crucial mid areas

*Ct's can smoke Long A from CT spawn area 

*Clipped the truck in CT mid to make it easily jumped 


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So hello to all .  I didn't get to update my submission by the deadline and am pretty good with that .

I do have an updated version that I could post ( mail ) usb  to someone but I figure I didn't get to in time so if the gods are kind and i make the cut I could update the bsp after Dec 10. 

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Awesome work! Here some feedback/bug report which you asked for. :)



1. https://imgur.com/a/DaVIB - Clip these walls, it's little bit annoying to get stuck in this small things.

(setpos 2350.201904 891.606079 -139.906189;setang 5.235905 59.120209 0.000000)

(setpos 2328.738037 990.726929 -139.906189;setang 5.279912 150.420517 0.000000)

(setpos 2179.914551 353.805878 -150.601685;setang 1.407907 35.808647 0.000000)

(setpos 2559.968750 -223.968750 -221.885803;setang 41.579910 -49.155331 0.000000)

(setpos 1802.233887 90.423523 -151.906189;setang 0.835924 53.048565 0.000000)

(setpos 1823.815796 843.817444 -151.906189;setang 1.451915 141.885010 0.000000)

And you have a lot areas like these, the rest you can find by yourself.


2. https://imgur.com/a/viCcI - I can stand here (setpos 1607.929077 282.660706 -12.429291;setang 76.944061 -38.638107 0.000000)


3. Bomb-drop exploits:


4. https://imgur.com/a/1kGem - I found a huge exploit which allows players to have a strong advantage and spoil the whole game (setpos 855.782532 734.441711 -261.337524;setang -31.756058 -61.060169 0.000000)  


5. And another... (setpos 1272.417969 -2345.050049 -231.906189;setang -2.916008 1.572721 0.000000)


6. https://imgur.com/a/DQH9R - And another...  (setpos -764.953125 -1542.775146 -127.906189;setang -5.663930 3.772590 0.000000)


7.  https://imgur.com/a/pEhpe - And another... (setpos -1079.101929 -2057.552246 -119.905960;setang -3.959993 -124.226906 0.000000)


8.  https://imgur.com/a/SOCOD - Dat tree, I don't know, this only seems for me? (setpos -859.365845 -1638.142700 -127.906189;setang -16.544001 -149.488632 0.000000)


9. https://imgur.com/a/b1ZLD -  Sun angle size looks too big.




That's all I could find, you have a lot of issues with clip-brushes. Good luck!

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