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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus


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This game runs and plays amazingly, smooth animations and buttery framerates (playing on a mix of ultra and high). In general the production quality just feels really high, and the attention to detail in their world-building is really awesome (explore eva's hammer!). 

They've fleshed out some of the systems and gotten pretty creative with the enemy design. They have a more dynamic "line of sight" system now where the enemies can lose track of you if you break line of sight long enough. But thankfully it doesn't feel overpowered, the enemies aren't blind and will see you very easily once you've gotten them into an alert stage. It's just nice touch that adds some good tactical depth to the gameplay. This game kinda feels like a "hit and run" style of shooter, and the system suits the high amount of hitscan enemies really well imo. The level design is really smart too and they've got some great looping flanking routes to help reinforce this new style of play.

And man, idtech 6 is one of the best looking engines right now. Something about this game's image quality is just really clean. It can look a little rough when you get too close to character's faces or w/e but when you're in motion exploring or fighting it's pretty stunning how good everything looks. 

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On the off chance you understand Swedish here’s a pretty nice little 3 part video of a studio visit to Machinegames by Fragzone, not too informative to a developer but still a neat look at the studio and their process.



I have a lot of respect for the guys over there. It feels like they have a really strong direction to how they make (and stick to how they make) their games and I think it really shows. Wish I had the chance to work with a bunch of them before they left Starbreeze.

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It's been a while since I finished it, but man this game just leaves me with mixed feelings. As much as I loved the story, characters and moments (one of my favorite games from a narrative perspective in a loooong time), I almost equally disliked the actual gameplay. Really sad since I really liked the gameplay of the first Machinehead Wolfenstein.

It's generally way too hard to play as a shooter, borderline broken (at least on anything above the very easiest difficulty), providing basically no feedback that you're getting hit, unless you keep your eyes fixed on your health bar at all times. I'm as tired of the generic red bloodvein borders illustrating that the player is hurt, but man I missed something as stupid like that when playing this game.

On the other hand then it's also just not tight enough as an actual stealth game, and honestly most encounters feel like they're designed for stealth up until a certain point, where they want you to start playing more aggressively. The first game found a much better balance in my opinion, functioning primarily like an excellent shooter where stealth was a fun way to mix things up, but not actually required. Here stealth seems strongly encouraged, but without making it a better stealth game in the process. It's a damn shame.

Anyway, with all that said I still recommend the game, the story and the places this thing goes to is simply that good. And yeah, the first couple of hours are the worst gameplay wise, but it does get somewhat better (and so does the story).

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13 hours ago, blackdog said:

Yep, on Steam, too. I wouldn't hold it against players who bought it on day 1 to be salty about a 50% discount one month after launch.

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