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The Last Night


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Following on from previously mentioned events, I'm sure pretty much none of us here will be surprised to see that Anita has failed to recognise the hypocrisy of her actions and is instead doubling down on her being the victim. Not only that, but Vidcon has fully backed her in their after event write up about what happened...

It also turns out that boogie2988 was sat next to Anita on a "cyber bullying" panel and she had a go at him because he dared to say that online harassment and abuse is not just a woman issue and also happens to men as well... "I think that was kinda fucked up what you said" Yeah.. he had someone try to kill him from a hit organised on the dark web and had people mail him turds.. but none of that matters because you have a vagina... Fucking unbelievable...

I recommend everyone watch this hour long video where Sargon defends his record and shows quite clearly that all the claims that he was one of the chief instigators of Anita's harassment is total bollocks, because he started his channel two years after Gamergate began and even made a video investigating who has abusing her and asking people to try and find out where the trouble was coming from amongst other things.

On a related note, it turns out one of the Neogaf staff members who was staunchly anti-Gamergate has recently been arrested and charged for possession of child pornography!


'I dare thee to find a better "This tweet did not age well"' HAHAHA!

Also in that video is Zoe Quinn being a shit head again.. Beloveth Anita posted some kind of fantasy storyline on her blog where she literally shoots Randy Pitchford to death (something about Aliens Colonial Marines.. because I'm sure she really cares about that). Anyway, Randy saw it and freaked out about it naturally especially since one of his kids read it.. Zoe's response to him is "grow up" plus a whole bunch of other bullshit...

Seems like Gamergate lives on...

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2 hours ago, D3ads said:

Seems like Gamergate lives on...

No the rest of the world moved on two years ago. Except for fanatics on both sides still browsing through a decade of old tweets trying to find something to take out of context. It's sad really because there were a lot of interesting discussions to be had

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