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StarshipTroopers: Traitors of Mars

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11 minutes ago, PogoP said:

Ah yes.. Starship Troopers is really fresh in people's minds these days. Glad to see they're cashing in on all the hype.

It went downhill so fast after the first one. Still, I hope there's going to be something that might do the original justice but I highly doubt it. Remember that godawful game that made back then?

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Considering how bad 2 and 3 were quality wise, CG may be the appropriate way to take this (particularly after the CG TV series aired). This is starting to feel like X-Men and Wolverine/Logan though with the alternate universes (between the CG and the Non-CG versions of the series with exception to the original movie). Did anyone ever watch the 2012 CG movie? I feel like I need to find it now just to see how bad it may be.


The writers for the Baywatch reboot are picking up the series to reboot... It's tough to screw the series up, but I don't see how they don't screw it up further. Eh, at least Casper Van Dien is involved.


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